So Dark the Con of Man

Ok, we all know that the Da Vinci Code is back: back haunting us with its annoying story and all the attached hype and controversies. I admit that I had bought the hardcopy of the book and read it when it came out; I admit that I also want to see this movie so badly. But people! Just give it a break! It’s getting really old and annoying already with all these controversies. It’s just a damn story. Who cares whether they are based on facts or not, it’s a novel. A fiction. Now, if you are upset about Dan Brown twisting the common understandings and beliefs of Jesus and the Vatican nd all that stuff, do the same and give shit to John Case’s Genesis Code and Steve Berry’s The Third Secret also. In fact, I enjoyed these 2 far much more than the D.V. Code. They are definitely more chilling and “jaw-dropping” in terms of questioning Catholicism and Jesus.

And oh, by the way, The New York Times gave it a crappy review yesterday, titled, “A Code That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read“. (Yay!) Longer than the book? My gosh, I better make sure that I don’t drink anything during the movie otherwise I will have a long haul and it’s going to be embarrassing.

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