9 Years!

The wait is finally over! I finally got to get my hands on a copy (it’s digital, physical copy of the CD should arrive next week). Sandy Lam, whom I have listened to since she started her career 20 years ago, has finally released her first Cantonese album in 9 years. None of her Mandarin albums can compare to this one. There is extra intimacy in her voice when she sings Cantonese. Oh my, how I adore this album. I am sure a huge of it contributes to the long wait. Her voice is merely gorgeous and seriously, it touches my heart. (Yeah, as a matter of fact, I almost teared up when I hear the album. It’s been really too long.)

Thanks to the Remember Sandy blog, it allows me to get every bit of updates and news of this amazing singer. And in fact, I had the chance to listen to all the songs before I can hear it from any other sources. It simply fulfill all my obsessiveness.

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