Is that you?

Some schmo just called me at work, saying that he is from the collection agency for “New York Higher Education,” and he is collecting my outstanding student loans for $3517. Right, like I ever had any student loans! Well I know it was so not true so I asks him whether he can send me the info via fax, RIGHT NOW. He says that he can’t do that but he can mail it to me. He asks for my address but instead I asks what he has on his file. He told me 2 addresses that were apparently not mine. More suspicions!

He continues to ask for me YOB. I ask him to me what he has instead, and bingo (not), it isn’t my year. Of course he doesn’t believe me. He wonders how the organization can have my work number. (In retrospect, I should’ve busted him by saying that he could’ve found that on the Web.) Anyhow, he tells me that I should fax him my DOB and social, etc. so that he can report back to the organization. What the heck!? I told him that I am not giving him any information and he can report whatever he likes to the credit bureau, because that just isn’t me. He says, “well fine, I will continue with the collection and hopes everything will work out for you.” And he hangs up on me.

Could it be a hoax or could it the wrong person?

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