Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance‘s performance tonight gave me a trance. I concluded that it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It was all about the music, nothing else (nothing else was needed). It was a full 2 hours plus concert, with 2 separate encores. It was simply breath-taking.

Since the group’s last release, I have been longing for another of their release, of course, nothing really got released, as there were parted since 1998. Now they are back together, giving another world tour. Glad that I didn’t miss it.

The setup was almost exactly the same as the Towards the Within concert, except a full orchestra at the back. Radio City was such an amazing place for concerts. The sound reverbed and filled the entire atmosphere.

Lisa Gerrard barely talked. In fact she didn’t talk at all so that someone in the audience yelled, “Lisa, some banter!” Until the very end of the evening, she left the audience with “You are fantastic, goodbye (goodnight?)”

Some woman said, “my soul is filled,” when she was departing. I think we were all filled with music, beautiful and dreamy sounds and voices. Now as I am watching Towards the Within again, I realize that it can not compare the live performance when I am sitting in the center of the grand music hall, surrounded and drowned by thousands of screaming supporters and DCD’s complexly weaved and constructed music.

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