Micro is HOT

Remember the first portable Game Boy? It was like a brick. Yet we thought that was awesome, didn’t we? Because you can finally carry something around to play different games, rather than those 1-shot Game and Watch games. I had a few of those, my favorite one was the dual-screen Mickey and Donald. Anyway, when my cousin had her Game Boy I was so jealous of her.

Not until a few years later I got myself a color-screen Sega Game Gear. It was, even back then, huge. But then it was color in 1990! There was this TV adapter that you could attach to the Game Gear to watch TV. Now that was something I really wanted back then, since I didn’t have my own TV, but I never got one. Anyhow, the idea of it being “portable” wasn’t really the case for me, I don’t think I have ever took it out with me and played it on the subway.

Then the Game Boy got smaller in 1996, called the Game Boy Pocket, and I got one. Then there was the Game Boy Color, which I think was so hideous and didn’t get it. Now in 2001 Nintendo launched the Advance, which started a new era of affordable portable video games. I got the original Advance (hated it because it was so damn dark, even with those pathetic external lights), the SP (which is much smaller and portable, with a built-in light). Oh then I had a fire, lost them all. All the games were gone.

Until now, when I have just received my Micro, which is a damn cute little monkey. It is so thin and light, like the size of an iPod mini. I tried to get it on Amazon and EB Games, they didn’t have stock. I finally ordered from Game Stop and I received 2 days later. It’s awesome!

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