Sandy is Back!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been really obsessed with the latest news and single from Sandy Lam, my beloved Chinese singer of all times. People are blogging news clippings, pictures, audio and video clips about her like crazy. Well good for me, no doubt. on thThis year she’s going to celebrate her 20-year career by having a so-called “coming back” concert and Cantonese album. Well Cantonese album is rare for her, as she hasn’t had one released in years. A couple of X’mases ago I had the chance to see her live in Connecticut and it was awesome. Every time I hear her voice I want to cry, seriously. Gosh I can’t believe I have been following her career for 20 years. I listened to her since her first album and that was 1986. She still looks so awesome. Well I suppose I will miss her concert in Hong Kong later this year, but perhaps I will get to see her again here in the US.

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