Weekend Update – Baltimoire, MD

This past weekend was spent in Baltimore. Nothing much really happened there, it’s just a light getaway trip to also review some fabric S. has for the sofa we are going to order. We did pick a luscious fabric afterall. It’s going to be cool.

First night’s dinner was spent at my favorite low-key hearty Paper Moon Diner. Locals know this place probably way too well. This 24-7 joint offers a slightly health-conscious touch to regular diner menus. I always opt to go there whenever I am in town and want a simple hearty meal. I had their new crab cake platter, which is extremely flavorful. It’s broiled with no filler bread crumbs. It’s so flavorful that I didn’t need to use any cocktail sauce.

On the second night we had dinner at the latest hip and chic joint, The Bicycle. They call themselves “A Global Bistro,” which I found was a little tacky. But then again, their menu offers global-fusion dishes. The presentations of the dishes were not only pretty, but full of color. My ravioli came with colorful vegetables, which opened up my appetite. The red snapper was remarkable with the full spectrum of flavors combined by the spicy green curry, papaya chutney, pickled savoy cabbage and black sticky rice.

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