Everyone’s Waiting… for…?

Six Feet Under was finally over. Last night was the final episode of the awesome beloved show. Today begins with the obsession of the show. Spoiler Alert. Now the episode is titled Everyone’s Waiting, so “waiting” for what? Waiting for everyone to die! Everyone died in the show eventually; as in life, everyone does die. It’s a matter of time, in 1 year? 10 years? Or like Claire, 102 years! That’s really a little too much. I mean, seriously, people love Claire so much that they will all relieve that she lives until 2085. Read the obituary of the rest of the family on the HBO site.

The ending sequence was really fun to watch, to be honest. (Expect the part when Keith dies, it’s just plain stupid. I guess that’s life too as well? Or bad writing?) There are a lot of little nuggets that you have to be really paying attention to realize. Now Durell Charles-Fisher has an Asian boy-friend! That’s really interesting. Ever wonder how Maya Fisher looks like when she gets older? You can find that out in the end sequence too. Yes, I have been reading the show’s website again this morning, plus the obsession of the song playing during the end sequence &151; Sia’s Breath Me.

Well people, it’s time to move on.

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