I Love iPods

Now who doesn’t love their iPods? I mean, aren’t they the best MP3 players ever? You love your iPod, don’t you? I most certainly do. For my birthday this year, I decided that a brand new iPod will be the best gift to treat myself. So I got my 4th iPod! Now let’s see, my first 2nd generation one is rather dead now (battery dead, as usual) and it’s now serving as a humble drive; the Mini was gone in the fire; the Shuffle is great, and I will keep using it for jogging (if I do for real). M. loves the Shuffle, so he will be the guardian of it. This new 60 iPod Photo is the most function-packed one that I have ever gotten!

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  1. IPOD MAKER Says:

    I LOVE MY IPOD NONO but it went through the wash and dryer and left out in the rain and got ran over but it still works lest see an mp3 do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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