Laptop Drive Saved

I finally took the laptop to Tekserve to see what they can do about it. It’s basically dead but I want to see how we can take the drive out and hopefully the data. I had all of my digital photographs and work in the drive.

I didn’t want to do a data recovery which would cost me $800 for the 60GB drive — I really didn’t think the data is worth that much money. So I asked whether they could take the drive out and see whether they could copy the data off to another drive. They quoted me around $250 just to take the drive out and put it into a firewire enclosure. That’s still a lot, I think, since they won’t even turn it on and copy the data for me. I bought the enclosure from them for $90, which I am sure that it’s a rip-off. (Later on I found out that it costs $50 for that thing.) But I had to do it. And now with $100, I am copying my data off right now.

I am very lucky.

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