Target Rocks

They really do rock. I love Targé. Thanks to those who gave us gift card and certificate at Target, we used them to buy furniture from Target online. That was the best furniture shopping experience I have ever had. Shopping at the physical Target stores is pleasant, but shopping at the Target store online is even better.

The online store has a good collection of affordable and nice-looking furniture that doesn’t look like something you would get from a discount store. I got the Isaac Mizrahi line and it’s so very affordable. The quality definitely worths a lot more than I expect from the price tag. Everything was shipped the next day via FedEx and UPS. They come to the door and I could put them together right away. I am still waiting for the rest of the lot to come this coming week.

Let’s see here, 2 desks, 2 end table, a bookshelf and a dresser cost $1300. You can’t beat that price. And, they don’t look ugly. At least it spares me from some more frustrations of starting from scratch.

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