End of April Update

Happy May!

Last week was a hectic week, personally. Saw a bunch of movies at the Tribeca Film Festival and missed a couple because I just couldn’t do it. I wished I could have given tickets to someone rather than wasted them. On top of the movies, it was fun. It was such an event that almost every one you’d see in Tribeca were going to the movies. There is something very community about it and unlike anything else (and any other film festivals) that happens in the city at any time. So it’s good to be there.

I waited not to see Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 on DVD until I have seen in the theater. So I waited and saw it at the festival. It was fine, so typical WKW’s. I am getting so sick of his stuff. Of all films my favorite is still Chung King Express. 2046 is the continuation of In the Mood for Love, which I really liked. A couple of weeks ago I saw Eros, in which WKW’s The Hand is the first segment. The Hand, has the exact same feeling as 2046, as if it’s taken right out from 2046.

The best part, afterall, was when Tony Leung appeared on stage and greeted the audience. He said, “Thank you for the Tribeca Film Festival… In the Mood for Love is about a love story, and 2046 is also about a love story… thank you…” Oh well. Couldn’t he say just a little more? But hey, I like Tony Leung. It was a good treat for me anyway.

To end the month of April, we finally moved into the new apartment, hating it yet liking it at the same time, and started a new life.

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