Jabra BT110

I love Bluetooth. It totally changed my way of using small electronic devices, espcially with my PDA phone. I can sync and transferring files without cables. I have been looking for a new Bluetooth headset for a long time since the dying of my Nokia HDW-2. Afterall, it was a first-generation Bluetooth headset, I suppose I can’t expect too much of it. Mind you, it costed me like 120 bucks at the time.

It uses Ni-Cd battery, on every complete charge it gives me only 10-15 minutes of talk time these days. Also, the the ear loop breaks big time — and this is a known fact among users. I therefore have been looking for a new headset that doesn’t use an ear loop, and most certainly has much better battery performance. And I am not going to spend another 100 dollars for a headset, so it has to be affordable.

Then I found Plantronics’ M2500, which is great. It’s around 45 bucks on Amazon, and it doesn’t look to dorky. M. raved about his M2500 on his blog.

I strived to continue looking for a chic headset for less than 50 dollars.

Then I found the Jabra BT100. First of all, it looks good. I don’t have to feel like wearing a big lump on my ear like a big earring. The whole body is wraped behind the ear. It uses AAA battery, meaning, no recharging is necessary. Who would want to carry yet another adapter on the go? We already have to carry seperate adapters for our camera, laptops, PDA and phones, why another one? With the Jabra, 1 AAA battery gives 15 hours of talk time. It’s wonderful. And the best of all, it costs less an 40 dollars.

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