Who gets more respect?

I went to the gorgeous Museum of Jewish Heritage at the Battery Park to see Ushpizin. It was introduced as “one of the most anticipated movies at the Tribeca Film Festival.” Fine, I could see why. It is having its North American Premiere at the TFF and it’s said to be the first film “made by members of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox community that is aimed at a general audience.”

I was surprised that I could get most of the humor from the movie. It’s rather entertaining, I have to say. The story is so-so but I think most of the drama and attractiveness come from the novelty aspect of the subject matter. The majority of the audience seemed to be really excited about it and they were raving at the end of the movie.

After the movie, the director Gidi Dar appeared, people went crazy and they were screaming. Fine. But then when Gidi Dar introduced the lead actor Shuli Rand and actress Michal Bat-Sheva Rand, they went absolutely mad. They screamed even more, they all stood up and clapped in a frenzy. I find it rather odd. All right, I suppose it’s nothing surprising. But hey, how come the actors got much more attention than the film maker himself? The discrepancy is just way too obvious. “People are just star-fuckers,” M. commented. I had to agree.

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