Hello Baltimore

We went down to Baltimore for M’s 80th birthday brunch. We got to see a lot of friends and family down there. It was really nice.

Cousin R’s kids are amazing. L. is 7 and S. is 6, we played trampoline together, they had such a blast and we were so wasted. L. is a big-time car fan. He knows so much about cars that it’s actually scary for me. L. was carrying his Sony digital camera (mind you, he is only 7) and taking pictures non-stop. Whenever we were ready to take a picture, S. climbed onto me and posed with the biggest and cutest smile. They are just really fun and wonderful kids. I think I have stop hanging out with kids and babies otherwise very soon I would want to have my own. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I think I could barely take care of myself at the age of 28.

I also had my first Maryland crabs for the very first time, at the famous Obrycki’s. A dozen of crabs loaded with Old Bay Seasoning were poured onto the brown-paper-lined table. We used mallets to break the shells and it was way cool and delicious. It was really fun.

It was a gorgeous weekend and it was wonderful. It’s great to get away from the frustrating apartment-hunting for a while.

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