I am such a sucker for consumer electronics. After owning 4 Palm devices, 7 cell phones and 2 smart phones over the years, I finally got the ultimate device. Yes, I got the Treo, the Treo, in fact. Just like everybody else, I have been eyeing on the Treo for years, if not, months.

The latest second generation of the Treo is just too great, and you can’t beat it with a Blackberry and a PocketPC phone. The screen is beautiful and sharp. The Bluetooth connection works perfectly with my Mac for sync and shared Internet connection. I can browse the web and check emails efficiently with the Bluetooth connection to my Mac, without using the slow-as-heck wireless network. I can send files back and forth from my Mac to the phone with ease. It’s a camera phone and video phone as well, so I can shoot pictures and videos and send them out as MMS. I am still waiting for my 1GB memory card to come, so that I can load it up with MP3s. I don’t have to bring my iPod anymore. The optional integrated stereo earphones and microphone is great, when there is an incoming call, the music stops, which is kind of funny at the beginning. Being able to integrate my beloved Palm organizer and software with a phone is just great. I have nothing to complaint about it, oh, except for the price, perhaps.

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