I Am So Wired for These Gizmos

I received the latest issue of WIRED in the mail the other day, and it is obviously a holiday shopping issue. Here are some of the cool gizmos (or biggies) that caught my attention:
1. A $500 rollercoaster model, called “The Dragon.” If I have it, I am sure I can stare at it all day long. There is a great video on Coaster Dynamix’s website.
2. A $16 LED light that can “blast out 6,000 candlepower.” It’s great for giving that extra light for shooting a digital picture of video. pelicanproducts.us
3. Just that I don’t play LEGO anymore doesn’t mean that I am not obsessed with it. This is amazing, I wish that it was there was I was younger — LEGO Picket-Upper. I used to put scatter all my LEGO pieces on a blanket so that I could clean up without a fuss. the LEGO Picket-Upper supposedly “eats” up all the pieces when you drag it on the floor.
4. Silicone Garlic Peelers. It looks just cute. (siliconezoneusa.com)
5. A flashlight that attaches to a 9-volt battery. Supper-geek but super-cool! (9voltlight.com)
6. “Protective Disc Skins” for CDs and DVDs. It’s like plastic wrap for discs, and it can stay on when the disc is played. It sounds really neat, although, I think I don’t mind the scatches.

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