Pina Bausch is coming to town

This weekend I am going to see Pina Bausch. This Friday Pedro Aldomovar’s new movie Bad Education is opening in New York. In his last film Talk to Her, I was so excited to see he featured excerpts of Bausch’s Café Müller (1978), and Masurca Fogo (1998). I was even more excited to see Pina Bausch in the opening of the movie (that is Cafe Muller).

I first came to know of her work when I was college. A few years later I saw her work for the very first time, and I was mesmerized by the delicate and elegant story-telling body movements. Now I am definitely not an expert in dance, but all I can say is that watching her work is like being in heaven to me. That first piece I saw was Der Fensterputzer (The Window Washer), a piece she made in coproduction with the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society and Goethe Institute Hong Kong in 1997. It was special.

Then a few years later I saw her again at BAM, Danzón (1995) in 1999. I was smiling like a dork when I left the opera house. This year she is back to the BAM again with her Für die Kinder von gestern, heute und morgen (For the Children of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) (2002). It is going to be another memorable night. Read the feature on NPR (Thanks to E. for the link)

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