Holiday Tree

This year, I want an elaborate tree for the holiday. For the past few years I worried that Sasha (the cat queen of the apartment) might eat the leaves and get sick, hence I wasn’t sure whether I should get a tree or not, live or fake. I have heard and read so many stories that they get sick from them. But it seems like Sasha will be okay with that, after realizing that she doesn’t touch or even go near the plants we put around the apartment.

Anyway, I am determined to get a tree this year. We had a small 3 feet plastic tree when I was a kid. Every year, Mom would unpack it and hang lights and a star on it, it would be surrounded by X’mas cards. I have always liked it. This year I want a big tree. It has to be at least 6 feet — I want a tall big white tree. It will be a plastic one, because I don’t believe in cutting down a tree for 2 months of pleasure. It will be a holiday tree that is full of X’mas and Hanukah ornaments. It will be hanging with white and blue ornaments and angels, as well as my origami nuggets.

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