Danny The Dog

Here it comes Luc Besson’s new film! And here it also comes Massive Attack’s new album! Danny the Dog (a.k.a. Unleashed), directed by Louis Leterrier is supposedly in post-production right now and is written and produced by Besson, featuring Morgan Freeman and guess who, Jet Li (hot!). Woo-ping Yuen is the action choreographer in the film. He is the action choreographer in the Matrix series, and the Kill Bill series. He’s been so hot outside Asia these days! The film should be in theaters in the North America in mid-2005. It’s said that Jet Li has a lot of dramatic parts, not only ass-kicking choreography. Now I can’t wait to see his kick-ass kung fu and stunt skills, plus his acting skill.

The movie sounds hot enough, but we’ll have to wait until next year. But for now, I have a chance to jump start on the soundtrack. And here it comes the Massive Attack! (There is an online jukebox on their web site, which also has the trailer of the film.) My gosh, what a collaboration. Danny the Dog better be good.

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