So I haven’t been updating this blog much for the last few weeks, as I was so distracted by the Crackberry (a.k.a. Blackberry). All I could do for the last few weeks was checking e-mail non-stop, it’s pathetic. With the Crackberry (go figure why it’s called “crack”), e-mails keep bombarding me every few minutes, and I couldn’t stop the urge to keep checking and typing e-mail, as if I need to do so. It’s just sick, very very sick. Yes it’s sick and yet I am still doing it. Of course, most of my time spent on the Crackberry is dealing with junk mail. One of the fun cracking experiences is that I can wait to respond to e-mails while I am riding on the subway, desperately looking for something else to do, besides reading another good book. What are my working hours again?

That’s not all. Last week I re-visted the obsession of the Canon digital SLR. And suddenly I realized that a new model (D20) has come out with 8 mega-pixels. The best thing is that this is a step-up model of the same price range I was planning to spend out. It would be a sin if I didn’t get it. There you go, gadget-freak. I am not planning to do a review here, but it does take amazing pictures. You just can’t compare a (digital) point-and-shoot with a (digital) SLR, and the digital side of it is just, oh you just can’t beat that.

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