Diane Keaton

How I love Diane Keaton, she is just a great, great actress. I love her crisp, fresh and natural aura. I saw Something’s Gotta Give on on-demand tonight, I suppose since I really wanted a Hollywood flic and that was a good choice. M. and I were laughing all the way because, damn, everything was so expected. I hated the last part — it was 101% typical Hollywood, which was of no surprise. But Keaton’s performance was phenomenal.

I love the way she cried and laughed, of course, they were her signatures. I love the freshness and livelihood of her acting. When she acts, it’s just so not acting, it’s so real; so Annie Hall.

Another thing that worths mentioning is that the first half which takes place in the Hamptons was actually meticulously made. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton always wear the same-colored outfits; the set is very Pottery Barn (the kitchen was to die for); Keaton (a writer) uses a Mac laptop while Nicholson (entertainment business) uses a PC one. Yeah, it’s neat.

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