Asian Cabbage Salad

When I was over A+R’s a while ago, I tasted this delicious dish made by our neighbors. I tried to imitate what I remembered since it was so awesome. I would have never thought of using uncooked bok-choy in a salad. They put in crumbled uncooked ramen noodles to give the extra crunch. As for lunch today, I made another version of it with grilled shrimp without the ramen noodles, since I thought the ramen bits might be too filling. Here is the “recipe”: besides grilled shrimp and bok-choy, I have shredded carrots, cucumbers, scallion and peanuts. In the dressing, I have garlic, ginger, equal parts of soy sauce and rice vinegar, some peanuts (again), sesame oil and honey. Don’t forget to add extra sesame seeds at the end!

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