Vinyl Once More

When we were down in Baltimore this weekend, we bought back M’s old vinyls, including a handful of 45s. There wasn’t a lot of vinyls, but it was a good collection. There I found the 45 of Phyiscal and Ebony and Ivory, two songs from my earliest memories. I then ran to the store and grabbed a cheap Audio-Technica turnable, I couldn’t wait to play those records that we bought back. Listening to music used to have such a physical component to it — reading the sleeves, accessing the records from the sleeves, loading and unloading, as well as flipping sides. It feels substantial, it feels like that the music has a physical nature to it. It doesn’t matter whether I have 70GB of digital music on my hard-drive, they have no substance. Oh, how I miss the physicality of the act of music-listening.

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