A Good Breakfast

A good breakfast is really good, seriously. I never have decent breakfasts: since I was in high school, I hated breakfasts. It was always too early for me to eat, I always felt like I wanted to puke when I forced myself to chew on a piece of toast. It’s just pathetic. In place of that, I have been drinking a big glass of OJ every morning instead, at least I would get some (tons) of sugars this way. Now that I have stopped eating meat, I have to make sure I eat well. So recently, I started having a nice bowl of granola with low-fat yoghurt and fruits every morning. I found that my appetite for a big lunch is diminished. I have small lunches instead, which is good; and I feel less tired in the afternoon. But hey, I still hate breakfasts, the granola was still hard to swallow.

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