Music Update

I just cannot not get the soundtrack album for Garden State after watching the movie. Zach Braff is so brilliant, and of course, adorable. Guess what, Zach has a blog… It’s been a few day since I watched the movie before I listened to the soundtrack, so most of the memories and emotions are gone; and the indulgence effect is sort of diminished.

Next is Thievery Corporation’s latest release — The Outernational Sound, that I can gladly remove from my Amazon wish list. They will be playing at Joe’s Pub on October 21. I have to keep an eye on the ticketing. I (kind of) don’t want to miss them this time. I just found out that MM and her hubby are big fans of the TC! Great, we have similar (great) taste.

And there is DJ Kicks’s (Yes, you’re right, apostrophe-s) Erlend Oye. I haven’t listened to it yet, and I have got nothing to say about it.

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