So Lucky

This weekend we went up to Sharon to visit M’s uncle and aunt in MA. It was extremely pleasant and fun. Uncle E. and Aunt J. were wonderful hosts, they are just so fun to be with. Plus the gorgeous weather up in New England over the last weekend. You can’t ask for more. We had such a great time.

Aunt J. made awesome crab cakes for us, it’s was so remarkebly delicious. We went to Newport, RI, to see one of the mansions, Rosecliff; and had an awesome dinner of mussels and shrimp at Shells and Scales. It was a wonderful fun to spend a get-away weekend.

On our drive back on I-95, a guy in his convertable cut us of right in front of us, and guess what, lost control of his car. He crashed right into another woman’s car next to him. They both shifted to the grass-side of the road. We were shocked and then scared to death. Our car was just a few feet away from the crash. We could have banged right into them had they not shifted from the road, and we could have got hurt. Luckily, no one seemed to get hurt, we braked and pulled over safely. We were freaked!

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