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Not sure what to do

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

My old cat, Sasha, is not getting along with the new kid, Yogi. We have done the whole slow introduction and separated rooms thing, but it seems like Sasha is just too afraid of him. He is not particularly aggressive to her, I don’t think, but Sasha hisses and growls at his presence and cornered herself without doing anything (such as smacking Yogi and telling him to go away).

She is now terrified to get out under the bed, even to eat, drink and go to the bathroom. Last night, she finally came out cautiously, only until Yogi approached her (with his tail bristled downwards — not sure if this is aggression or fear, as we have found contradicting information), she growled and hissed, they fight a little and Sasha ran away. Yogi really acted like the dominant one now, as he would walk away from a tense moment. Later on, we had to lock Yogi in his room, and dragged Sasha out of the bed (with a lot of hissing and growling), before she would eat and drink like she’s been starved for days.

The situation seems to be getting worse, in the beginning she would still come outside and roam around but now she’s not. We are really starting to worry about her. We know that it takes time for them to get along, but the fact that she felt scared and mortified to come out and eat, drink, pee and poop really worries us.

We really love Yogi and he is so affectionate and friendly to us, he has got bigger even, we hate to see him go, but we can’t sacrifice Sasha also, it’s so unfair to her.

What I wanted

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Browsing through the archive, I found sets that I wanted so badly, that I have keep flipping through the catalog inserts, fantasizing of owning. Of course, there were non-stop nagging…

I have always wanted a service station. I called it “gas station” then. I really wanted the tubes and the accessories from the set.

6371 Service Station (1983)
LEGO 6371 (1983)

6378 Service Station (1986)
LEGO 6378 (1986)

6394 Metro Park & Service Tower (1988)
LEGO 6394 (1988)

6990 Monorail Transport System (1987)
I was hoping to get this monorail system so that I could build a roller coaster. I would imagine building my roller coaster when I was flipping through the catalog (again and again) during bedtime.
LEGO 6990 (1987)

6399 Airport Shuttle (1991)
And the airport shuttle too… same idea.
LEGO 6399 (1991)

6374 Holiday Home (1983)
I wanted this set because I wanted the mailbox and the awning so badly.
LEGO 6374 (1983)

And the train sets. All of them. I couldn’t get any of them them because I was in my teenage years. My mom just wouldn’t get me any more of the city sets, she thought I was too old for them. She had no problem getting me Technics, but I still wanted to build cities and houses… so no train set for me until I was making money for myself later on.

My 3rd LEGO wave

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Recently the LEGO brick celebrates its 50th anniversary and released a revised Town Plan set featuring 3 golden bricks. That, unsurprisingly, has ignited my 3rd wave of LEGO Googling and buying… (1st wave was when I was a kid, 2nd wave was when Mindstorm came out… that’s when I owned my first LEGO train set, believe it or not).

Anyway, I found the LUGNET user group, and they remind me some much of those good old times I’ve had, and those endless nagging of my parents to buy, buy, buy…

733 Universal Building Set (1979)
A set I distinctively remember that I have first owned. I had no clue if there were others before this, but this I remember so well. There were many nights mom would build this set together with me. I wasn’t very smart then to build the models following the exact instructions.
LEGO 733 (1979)

6080 King’s Castle (1984)
Apparently this has been a really popular castle set. It can open up and transform. I never really understood how to build it then. I’ve always loved loved the horses and the knights. Again, I remember that my mom helped me so much building it.
LEGO 6080 (1984)

6680 Ambulance (1981)
My parents might have bought this at a store near my school one day as a treat after a school day. I’ve always loved used the pieces from this set, especially the doctor and nurse little people…
LEGO 6680 (1981)

I have never really owned a real space or pirate set. I had some space pieces and models, but never an major space station set. I was never a space and pirate guy, but I was definitely a LEGOLAND guy. I would build cities and houses with rooms and amenities. I am still fascinated by LEGO towns.

Then it was Technics period when I was a teenager. Somehow, mom had some connection with distribution and could get LEGO sets at a discounted price. Lucky me, she bought me A LOT. A LOT. She got me the educational sets that were not sold in stores, as well as weird catalogs for schools. That was definitely the height of my LEGO-time.

8889 Technic Idea Book (1984)
This Technic Idea Book really made me want more, and it was a constant frustration that I couldn’t build the models they show, because I didn’t have enough parts. I suppose that was really a marketing tool…
LEGO 8889 (1984)

Give us a break on the Trajan font

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008



Monday, February 4th, 2008

Here are the nicknames that I have called Yogi with:

Yogi, more Yogi

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Yogi finally arrived our home! He’s the most adorable, cutest, affectionate kitten ever! He nudges me every time I lay close to him, and he purrs not stop. He is smaller than I remembered but he’s big for a 9-month-old. He’s such a precious little boy. Here come the pictures.

He loves to sleep and he always dozes off…

When he closes his eyes, it’s like he has no eyes at all, because his face is all white!

He has a little marking under his right eye and his nose. It all makes him even more unique.

Of course, here is the picture for the wallpaper.

He’s coming tonight

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I feel really anxious right now (well the coffee didn’t help either), because Yogi is expected to arrive tonight. The idea of having a life that will (hopefully) live for 10-15 years arriving in my life is tremendously, wordless. It’s responsibility, man.