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Why I love my new Samsung T10 MP3 player more than my iPods and iPhone

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Samsung T10I have owned almost 10 iPods, and afterall, they are iPods; you really can’t beat them in terms of their user-interface, design and ease of use. On top of that, I barely have any complaint over the iPhone, it’s the Jesus phone, for Christ’s sake! (pun intended)

But then on my recent trip to HK, I picked up a Samsung T10 to hold some new music that I have ripped from my old CD collection. Because if you sync your iPhone with another computer, all the songs residing on the iPhone will be erased, so basically I just couldn’t add new music to my iPhone and I wanted to get a budget MP3 player.

Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the features and qualities of the T10, besides the so so UI (Apple is better on this). First of all, the sound quality blows, really blows. The clarity is so much better than all the iPods I have ever owned. That said, I am using the same crappy Apple headphones. The bass is deep and vibrant. The T10 has an FM radio with auto presets, voice recording, Bluetooth connection to my BT stereo headphones which enables me to listen to music wirelessly. The best of all, is that you can record FM radio broadcast and the T10 instantly turns it into an MP3.

I am so giving up listening to my music on the iPods/iPhone for this little wonder.