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Dumbest Thing

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

I feel like exactly what the guy right behind me said, “this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.” This is definitely one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

Yup, I slept for 3 hours, got up at 4am this morning and went over to Nintendo World at Rockerfeller Center, hoping to get a Wii. Amazon still doesn’t seem to be able to send my out, so I figured, this is the way to end of obsession. It turns out, arriving at 5.20am was still not early enough. I was right behind the cut off. Standing in the cold for 3 hours didn’t give me anything.

Even if I had gotten it, it would still be one of the most dumbest things I’ve ever done.

I am going to stop right now and maybe one day Amazon will send me that order sometime next year…

From Life & Death to Trauma Center

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Back in 1988, like almost 20 years ago, my first PC game (DOS really) was Life & Death (醫生也瘋狂). I was terrible at it, perhaps I was still trying to understand how to use a mouse. It was an awesome simulation game at the time. Now the most anticipated game that I have with the Wii is Trauma Center: Second Opinion. The same kind of doctor simulation game in millions of colors instead of 4 EGA colors.

The idea of Life & Death is that you have to observe the patients, give a diagnosis, then either precribe medicine, order a rest or surgery. If you fail, the patient will die and you will have to go to a class to get re-educated.

I can’t wait to get my Wii so that I can play doctor killing people again, after almost 20 years…

life and death 1

life and death 2

life and death 3

Wii Remotes

Monday, November 20th, 2006

On the day Wii launched, I got up early and kept checking out sites that might offer it. I wanted to get another one, just in case. I checked Costco, Amazon, Target, Walmart, RadioShack… and even Sears, couldn’t get one. I absolutely didn’t want to line up at Target stores, no way!

Anyway, I wanted extra remotes to go with my Wii when it comes (yes, it’s coming…), so I kept refreshing Amazon’s Wii remote page and all of sudden it became available! It’s like a miracle. I grabbed 3 right away. And today, they came. They are so damn small, and I am ecsatic already! Can’t wait when my Wii comes!

Whee I got Wii!

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Awesome! I was obsessed with Wii and my obsession finally paid off. Late late last night I was strolling around (which I have been doing for the last few weeks, everyday), reading those crazy threads people were posting about their obsession in getting a Wii, which, in case you don’t know, is going to launch tomorrow. Anyhow, late last night Target put out a few bundles (I got tipped off on the discussion board), and I hopped onto one and got it. My plan was to get onto Costco’s website tomorrow morning and snatch one, but it looks like I am safe now. Well what the heck, I will still try to get one at Costco. Everyone is making money off their Wiis, so why can’t I!?

X’mas Tree Getting Ready

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

The X’mas tree at the Rockerfeller Center is getting ready. Another Holiday…

Where will (can) you get your Wii?

Monday, November 13th, 2006

WiiI have absolutely no idea. I am kinda disappointed that I missed the pre-order at Toys R Us this past Sunday. I read about it around 11am that day, but I figured by the time I schelepped into the city it would be all sold out anyway. Why bother even trying if I wasn’t camping out the night before. This is such a joke. And of course there is no way I am going to buy a receipt for over 600 dollars on eBay…

It’s all madness. It seems like the Target in Target in Gateway Dr has the largest quantity of Wii available at the launch. They have 210!!! Maybe I should consider camping out at Target’s parking lot overnight?

And here is a Google-mapped Wii spotter. Truly seriously absolutely maddness. Madness!

Of course, I definitely don’t need it right away (who does “need” it right away, anyway!?), and I am sure that there will be plenty on the way and the holiday is getting closer. What a fucking marketing hype the big N pulled…

Good Morning New York

Monday, November 6th, 2006

6.40am. I am on the train heading north to Boston. On my left, it is the Manhattan skyline in the dawn with an orange haze. Grand but misty. On my right, the orange sun is rising. I feel tired but the scene is just so remarkable that it’s a little uplifting.

And my pandora music box is playing Celine Dion’s A New Day Has Come… what can I say?


Sunday, November 5th, 2006

The other day when I left the New School for a crtique, we bumped into ZG. He was one of the instructors when I was at Parsons. Anyway, he said, “long time no see!!! You look… round,” I laughed, because I had no idea how to respond to that. He hesitated, and was trying to figure out what the say next, “well, middle-aged!”

I laughed.

That’s right, I am middle-aged now, and I have receeding hair line. Oh, and I am “round.”

In fact, it isn’t a rude thing for Chinese to say that someone is getting fat because he’s getting middle-aged. It kinda means you are doing good in life.