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New Mindstorm is almost here!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

After years and years of waiting, Lego fans (myself inlcuding) finally got a chance to take peek at the new version of the Mindstorm robotics system. Announced a while ago, it’s recruiting 100 developers to join the developer program.

Oh how much I used to love my Lego. Before I had my own computer, Lego was my all-time favorite treat. Then the evil computer took my fascination away from it. Then again, I still love Lego and I wish so much that I can have a seperate room or basement that allows me to play with Lego and display them.

And in case you wonder, my favorites were Legoland and Technics. Never a big fan of Mindstorms, but I am still excited to see the new NXT version coming this Fall.