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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

After a few months of idle, I am picking up the craft again. I just completed the photo album that spanned a few months, and I am back and getting excited about making books again. Check for my latest creations.


Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Well some lucky bastard won the $315 million Mega Millions last night. Guess what, I won too! I won a total of $17 from 2 out of 4 tickets I bought. I have never won so much from a lottery in my life! This is exciting! And think about it for a second: I bought 4 tickets and 2 of them actually won! What was weird was when the guy gave me my change, he gave me 2 2-dollar bills… I guess the luck was marked right there.

Music Update

Friday, November 11th, 2005

From left to right, starting from the first row, these are on my recent iPod playlist:
1. Original Color (Sandy Lam): Her long-awaited Cantonese is finally out, and as of this moment, I still haven’t received the physical CD yet, but I have been listening to the preview version. Beautiful and emotional!
2. Confessions on A Dance Floor (Madonna): Already listened to it probably 50 times. Getting a little bit tired of it already.
3. Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook (Bette Midler): Bette sounds really nice in the album, really.
4. Simplified (Simply Red): nah.
5. Heat (Colder).
6. Vocalist (Tokunaga Hideaki): Hideaki sings some classic Japanese pop songs, I just love his voice.

Keep Warm!

Friday, November 11th, 2005

9 Years!

Friday, November 11th, 2005

The wait is finally over! I finally got to get my hands on a copy (it’s digital, physical copy of the CD should arrive next week). Sandy Lam, whom I have listened to since she started her career 20 years ago, has finally released her first Cantonese album in 9 years. None of her Mandarin albums can compare to this one. There is extra intimacy in her voice when she sings Cantonese. Oh my, how I adore this album. I am sure a huge of it contributes to the long wait. Her voice is merely gorgeous and seriously, it touches my heart. (Yeah, as a matter of fact, I almost teared up when I hear the album. It’s been really too long.)

Thanks to the Remember Sandy blog, it allows me to get every bit of updates and news of this amazing singer. And in fact, I had the chance to listen to all the songs before I can hear it from any other sources. It simply fulfill all my obsessiveness.

Boulder Field

Monday, November 7th, 2005

A, J, E, M and I spent a quick weekend in the Poconos. In fact, it’s called the Hickory Run State Park, in which the Boulder Field situated. We had breakfast at some local diners and made dinner: salad, pasta and garlic bread. The menu has become sort of a tradition for us. J. also made this insane dessert that he got the recipe from Bobby Flay: ice-cream with pecan and banana caramel sauce. We were all so full and tired after the feast. Now, back to the hike. We took a short but nasty hike to see the boulder field. There was no one there at the field. It was super cool and relaxing. Oh, by the way, we hit the outlet mall on the way back. And that was it, brief.

Halloween Bash

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

As a gesture to thank all those who helped us to get back on our feet after the fire, we threw a Halloween/housewarming party (with lots of booze). It was a blast. Most people dressed up and it was so much fun. I dressed up as a vamipric rabbit, a.k.a. Vambbit. We went all out and decorated the whole apartment. The infamous “Love Punch” really worked it magic. Everybody was in love, really! It was a lot of work to put the whole damn thing together but it’s totally worth it.