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Diane Keaton

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

How I love Diane Keaton, she is just a great, great actress. I love her crisp, fresh and natural aura. I saw Something’s Gotta Give on on-demand tonight, I suppose since I really wanted a Hollywood flic and that was a good choice. M. and I were laughing all the way because, damn, everything was so expected. I hated the last part — it was 101% typical Hollywood, which was of no surprise. But Keaton’s performance was phenomenal.

I love the way she cried and laughed, of course, they were her signatures. I love the freshness and livelihood of her acting. When she acts, it’s just so not acting, it’s so real; so Annie Hall.

Another thing that worths mentioning is that the first half which takes place in the Hamptons was actually meticulously made. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton always wear the same-colored outfits; the set is very Pottery Barn (the kitchen was to die for); Keaton (a writer) uses a Mac laptop while Nicholson (entertainment business) uses a PC one. Yeah, it’s neat.

The Kill Kitty Tour

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Last Friday e.ku told me about the tour and I decided to go see Taiwanese (or Chinese, read on) musician Chang Chun-Yue () on Sunday night right away. I have definitely heard of his name before, and I knew that he was a popular music producer; but I just haven’t got much chance to listen to his music. Before the gig, I educated myself with a good handful of his albums, and I found out that there were 2 songs that I actually know!

The gig was held at the B.B. King Blues Club and it was an awesome crowd. It seemed that the majority of the audience was some rich Taiwanese kids — youngsters! Damn, I feel old. The band played really well, they were extremely experienced, intense and full of energy. To be honest, I almost had a cultural shock being around all the whole crowd. Here I was in the center of New York City, surrounded by all these young, hip and energized Chinese kids; I wondered, it all seemed so foreign to me. Damn, I did feel old around them.

By the way, the tour was called “The Kill Kitty Tour,” and it’s rather obvious what the “Kitty” means. It’s abolustely hilarious that the B.B. King Blues Club is just 2 doors away from the Sanrio store! (Look at this great picture took by e.ku after the tour, in which the band gathers in front of the store.) There appeared to be some kind of controversy around his tour. I saw a few people protesting outside the venue, and later V. forwarded me an article saying that he was being attacked for promoting the tour as “Chinese” rather than “Taiwanese.” Oy vey.

Asian Cabbage Salad

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

When I was over A+R’s a while ago, I tasted this delicious dish made by our neighbors. I tried to imitate what I remembered since it was so awesome. I would have never thought of using uncooked bok-choy in a salad. They put in crumbled uncooked ramen noodles to give the extra crunch. As for lunch today, I made another version of it with grilled shrimp without the ramen noodles, since I thought the ramen bits might be too filling. Here is the “recipe”: besides grilled shrimp and bok-choy, I have shredded carrots, cucumbers, scallion and peanuts. In the dressing, I have garlic, ginger, equal parts of soy sauce and rice vinegar, some peanuts (again), sesame oil and honey. Don’t forget to add extra sesame seeds at the end!

Vinyl Once More

Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

When we were down in Baltimore this weekend, we bought back M’s old vinyls, including a handful of 45s. There wasn’t a lot of vinyls, but it was a good collection. There I found the 45 of Phyiscal and Ebony and Ivory, two songs from my earliest memories. I then ran to the store and grabbed a cheap Audio-Technica turnable, I couldn’t wait to play those records that we bought back. Listening to music used to have such a physical component to it — reading the sleeves, accessing the records from the sleeves, loading and unloading, as well as flipping sides. It feels substantial, it feels like that the music has a physical nature to it. It doesn’t matter whether I have 70GB of digital music on my hard-drive, they have no substance. Oh, how I miss the physicality of the act of music-listening.

A Good Breakfast

Friday, October 1st, 2004

A good breakfast is really good, seriously. I never have decent breakfasts: since I was in high school, I hated breakfasts. It was always too early for me to eat, I always felt like I wanted to puke when I forced myself to chew on a piece of toast. It’s just pathetic. In place of that, I have been drinking a big glass of OJ every morning instead, at least I would get some (tons) of sugars this way. Now that I have stopped eating meat, I have to make sure I eat well. So recently, I started having a nice bowl of granola with low-fat yoghurt and fruits every morning. I found that my appetite for a big lunch is diminished. I have small lunches instead, which is good; and I feel less tired in the afternoon. But hey, I still hate breakfasts, the granola was still hard to swallow.