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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Well, this time the weather was nice again when I travelled up north for work. The Acela just left the Stamford station on its way to New York. It’s 10 pm and I am exhausted. This has been a long day for me. I got up before 6 this morning, spent hours travelling, then meeting all day. I was rewarded with a disgusting microwaved garden burger and fruit salad for supper, it was loaded with high fructose corn syrup. I should have gotten something else in the station. Gosh, it sucked big time.

Okay, why the heck does the train stopped just now?

Speaking about the station, I was 5 minutes late for my scheduled train, blame be the traffic in Boston. During my 90-minute wait for next train, an older woman came and sat down next to me. “If I pay you, can I use your cell phone?” she asked. I asked her where she was calling to. Then it was about 20 minutes of her story over the phone with some woman. It sounded like she has lost her ticket and she had nowhere to go. On the ticket there was a phone number of a woman she met in the train station who said that she would help her out. I talked to her afterwards. She told me that her sister is taking away the house her late mother left for her, and that she was going to go to the psychiatric hospital because the state would make her do so. She would rather give the house to someone else who would take care of it, even me. Anyway, she told me tons of other details that I don’t really remember now. It sounded like she was really sick and all alone. It’s sad. When you’re old and you have no one else to turn to, and everything seems to be against you; plus you’re sick, what are you going to do?

I don’t know. Sometimes I do think about that. I wish I could say something nice to her besides “I am sorry to hear that.” Perhaps having a listener was the only thing that she needed on at the moment.

R.I.P. Grand Uncle

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Dad told me that grand uncle living in Guangzhou passed away at the age of 78 due to pneumonia. He is very upset about it. I feel tremendously sorry for him. I have met grand uncle a few times in my life. He is a great person. I talked to him a few times in my life. He wrote me letters sometimes, telling me how proud he was to have has a nephew like me in the family.

The first time I visited Guangzhou, grandma came with us. He was very hospitable to all of us. He showed us around, and I remember going to the zoo and was excited about it. Then a few years later, he came and stayed at our home for a short while. It was fun to have him sleeping in my room with me. Although I don’t remember the specific incidents, it was a great experience. He was a very warm and caring person.

I respected him for his grand status in the family. I have never met my paternal grandparents, they passed away long before I was born. I know how much my father respected grand uncle, and for me, he’s always a respectable figure like my grandparents. I feel so sorry and sad for our lost of the head of the family.

May he rest in peace and be in a better place now.

Exposed Binding

Friday, September 10th, 2004

I finally figured out how to do a non-coptic exposed binding. I made a notebook for M. Since the signatures are too thin, I pull the threads too tight that I cut the signatures. I had to insert little pieces of paper to keep the threads in place. Two little imperfections. I do like this one.

Music Update

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

I just cannot not get the soundtrack album for Garden State after watching the movie. Zach Braff is so brilliant, and of course, adorable. Guess what, Zach has a blog… It’s been a few day since I watched the movie before I listened to the soundtrack, so most of the memories and emotions are gone; and the indulgence effect is sort of diminished.

Next is Thievery Corporation’s latest release — The Outernational Sound, that I can gladly remove from my Amazon wish list. They will be playing at Joe’s Pub on October 21. I have to keep an eye on the ticketing. I (kind of) don’t want to miss them this time. I just found out that MM and her hubby are big fans of the TC! Great, we have similar (great) taste.

And there is DJ Kicks’s (Yes, you’re right, apostrophe-s) Erlend Oye. I haven’t listened to it yet, and I have got nothing to say about it.

“Rain – The World About Milcho Manchevski’s Before the Rain”

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

It all started in college when I got the chance to see Milcho Manchevski’s Before the Rain in a class on narratives. I loved the movie. A couple of years later in gradulate school, I took the idea of the movie and combined it with James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, created an interactive hypertext narrative. Months ago, Marina Kostova inquired about the interactive piece, wondering whether she could reprint and included it in a 10th year anniversary book commemorating the film. I gladly agreed. I received a complimentary copy of this fascinating 420-page publication on everything about the movie. It reprinted letters and memos on the production, reviews and essays on the film. I am just so flattered and honored to be included.

Geeky TV Program of the Month

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

My latest favorite TV program is BIG! on the Discovery Channel. A team of engineers and craftsmen create replicas of everyday machines, only that they are many times larger than the usual size. A machine is designed, engineered, assembled, built and tested in each episode. They re-created a giant cuckoo clock in the last episode. Previous episodes incude a big hair clipper, popcorn machine, barbecue grill… I got so sucked in to see them creating those huge components including gears, frames and motors. I get to see how these machines really work. The website lists out all the awesome machines they made and their specifications, with pictures, of course.

Keeping Current

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

How can those keep updating their blogs? I can’t, and I haven’t been able to. There are so much distractions in my life, which I happen to like. Oh, what the heck am I complaining here about anyway?