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Hello Mr. President

Sunday, May 30th, 2004

We were walking towards 6th Avenue on 8th Street, when I saw a couple of black SUVs with their siren lights flashing. I thought that something must be going on. I felt tired, and I wasn’t really paying attention to anything happening. Then I realized that I was walking towards a couple of men in black, with sun-glasses and earphones on. They were special agents. Then I reckoned and realized that someone very familiar was walking between them, oh my goodness, it’s Clinton. Bill Clinton! He looked really good, he was smiling and walking right pass me. He was literally two feets away from me. Why was he there, I really don’t know, but seeing Clinton, it was awesome!

Hectic Crazy Days

Friday, May 28th, 2004

It’s been ten days since I last blogged (the previous entry doesn’t count, it’s literally done a minute ago). Life has been really busy and hectice lately. We finally painted one of the kitchen walls a shade of mud color, which is called Eiffel Tower. Why it’s called Eiffel Tower, we had no idea. But we sure realized that with the new floorlighting and the painted wall, the kitchen looks so much more pleasant and cozy. It now has a character.

A. is back staying with us. We had a mellow celebration for her birthday yesterday. We ate at Bonita in Williamsburg. The food’s pretty decent. I had chilles rellanoes and a glass of white wine magaritas. The winte wine magaritas tastes really weird. It tastes like tamarind juice with booze in it. A. hated it, and I am not sure I will try it again. I baked her a flourless chocolate cake, I whipped it up in an hour. It was good, everyone loved it. It feels good when someone bakes you a cake for your birthday, you know? It feels even better when you have heavenly smooth whipped cream to go with the cake.

It’s the Memorial Day weekend and I am not going anywhere this year. One thing I am sure I will do is to eat my 20-pound seedless watermelon. I love watermelons. When I was younger I would scoop with a spoon the flesh from half of the watermelon. It would have chills because it’s so cold. Now, that’s an experience.

Music Update

Friday, May 28th, 2004

Should I decide to go on a roadtrip this Memorial Day weekend, I should not have any problem with the music selection. These are today’s addition to my music library (from left to right, top to bottom):
1. New Scared Cow, Kenna (2003)
2. Behind the Sun, Chicane (2000)
3. Moving Shawdow 99.1, Various Artists (1999)
4. Midnight Snack, Volume 1,Various Artists (2000)
5. Live From New Jersey, Pete Young (2003)
6. Reality, David Bowie (2003)
7. Musicology, Prince (2004)
8. Get Away From Me, Nellie McKay (2004)
9. Nothing But Your Love, Toshi Kubota (2001)
10. Magic and Medicine, The Coral (2003)
11. Nightfreak & The Son of Becker, The Coral (2004)
12. Ollabelle, Ollabelle (2003)
13. Life is a Cabaret, Ute Lemper (1998)

Thanks to O.


Monday, May 17th, 2004

While we were on our way to do our belated grocery shopping, R. reminded us to sign up with FreshDirect. We meant to do it for a while already, but we never did. It was so gorgeous outside on Sunday, so I decided immediately that we should skip spending 90 minutes in KeyFood but sign up with them later that evening. There was no rush to complete the shopping list that afternoon. So we got to spend a beautiful Spring afternoon in Fort Green, and had an early road-side dinner at A Table.

I am a late adopter for online grocery shopping but I finally did it. It was an interesting experience. It took me a while to get used to their “aisles,” but it was a lot more easier to look for what I wanted. I searched for the items one by one down my shopping list and then I had my shopping cart full. When I walk down the aisles in the grocery stores, I tend to pick up a lot of things that I don’t really need. I found my first experience with online grocery shopping more goal-focused and less wandering, though it could be a matter of time before I click on things that I don’t really need.

It seems like online grocery shopping is a great service for stocking up food and groceries in the city. Without the convenience of cars and driveways, you just can’t buy a lot each time. You can only carry so much for a short distance. On the other hand, since there are so many grocery stores in the city, you don’t really need to stock up — you buy as your need goes. But who wants to stop by the grocery stores every day or every other day? Great, so now I’ll just pay a few more bucks and let them deliver. I will still go to the store to get a few items occasionally, but for large quantity of food, I am loving the experience already.

It’s pretty obvious that I have much better things to do than wandering around KeyFood for 90 minutes on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

Lego computers

Friday, May 14th, 2004

I loved Lego. I still do, but I haven’t been as creative and patient as I was when I was a kid since the introduction of computer into my life. Perhaps these examples are telling me that there could be somewhat an intergration between the two, despite the Brainstorms. (Link courtesy of O.)

Accidentally got it

Monday, May 10th, 2004

It has arrived! My iPod mini green was delivered to me this morning by the UPS hunk. (He does remember me!) It’s really adorable. I was obsessed over it for the last few days since I realized that it was ready for shipping. I kept tracking the shipment. Anyway, I have been telling everybody that I “accidentally” bought it, and of course their responses were mostly “Yeah right.”

It’s said that the order for iPod mini were so backed up, the availabilty is six weeks if ordered from Apple directly. P. ordered it weeks ago and she jut finally got it. Various online retailers told me that they don’t expect to have stock until July. Then I decided to, oh what the heck, place an order on Amazon. Since it’s listed as “in-stock soon,” I assumed that I could always cancel the order at any time before it will be shipped in Summer. Two days later, I couldn’t cancel my order anymore because it was on its way already. I was surprised. So why did I place the order on the first hand? Was it accidentally? “Yeah yeah.”

The Abyss of Sin

Friday, May 7th, 2004

“There is some real problem with that way of thinking. There is no abyss of sin to begin with,” R. says, “maybe we need to help them understand that.” I was telling R. online what a messy situation it was with M. and D. (a Catholic kind of messy, I emphasized), and he was very supportive, and that felt good. It was a slightly different viewpoint from the general crowd, I suppose. He apologized for the church for its attitude about the scandals by diverting attention and then pick on gay people and somehow teach people to dislike them. I didn’t realize understand why he would apologize until he insisted that he was part of it.

He pointed out that the Bible is very quotable as a weapon, as perhaps it was Shakespeare who said that even the devil could use the scripture. It’s definitely a very interesting thought indeed. He offered to help to speak to them. I wonder how they would react to that, maybe a heart attack. At the end of day, it should be all about love. Whenever there are aggravations, I have to remember that I love them.

Never getting off

Friday, May 7th, 2004

When the V train was approaching my station this morning, I so didn’t want to get off it. People began to get up and walk towards the doors, they were anxiously yearning to get off the train and begin their Friday in the city, but I was so hesitant to get up. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just stay on the train and ride and ride, and never have to get off? No, I wasn’t thinking getting off at Coney Island, but I was thinking about never getting off. What if I can just stay on the train forever, and read my book? (I am halfway through Sullivan’s Rats.) It’s definitely a sign of not wanting to go into the office, but it’s more like a way to escape from reality. Well, I guess thinking about not wanting to go to the office is definitely an escape. Gosh, all is happening is that I am sitting on the training, merely riding and reading—it’s good to keep it the way it is.

Budding Tomato

Thursday, May 6th, 2004

It’s really icky. Really, it’s the weirdest tomato I have ever seen. Interestingly, the tomato has not rotted yet. It’s still pretty damn red. There is no bruise except it’s a little soft and tender at the bottom. I am so tempted to get a pot and bury it the soil so that it wil grow…


Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

May is here, and I haven’t been blogging for a while. Life’s been really crazy and busy. It’s the allergy season for me, and it’s such a drag. I have to switch between different pills every few days so that they would work. It feels like it’s getting better for the last few days.

I picked up Robert Sullivan’s Rats (autographed copy!) at BN yesterday, and I am getting quite into it. There has been a lot of talk around town on this book. It’s pretty descriptive and detailed. I am a bit disappointed by the writing, but hey, who am I kidding? Sullivan’s picture on the back flap is so adorable!

Let’s see what else,… I have a sprouting tomato at home, which I have never seen before. I want to take a picture and post it here soon.