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Friday, February 27th, 2004

Here is a collection of pieces in Xerox copies. The piece of an assembled door is brilliant. I like how some of them juxtapose with the office environment and culture. I am so very OCD that I actually enjoy making photocopies. M. and I always joke about how much we love making photocopies. I once worked as an assitant in the language center in college, and I had to make Xerox copies with this gigantic Xerox machine. I put in a whole stack of document and it spitted out tons of copies, all sorted and stapled. It was actually fun, and I was so exciting doing that. Yes, I know I am weird. (Link courtesy of O.)

Star Wars in the LEGO Way

Thursday, February 26th, 2004

LEGO rocks. I have seen sites with pictures of people’s amazing creations with LEGO, but nothing can compare to these pictures on this site — From Bricks to Bothans. (Link courtesy of E.)

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

I never knew when Ash Wednesday is. Every year I found out because I see people on the street with the mark on their forehead — the charcoal cross that they wear on their forehead marking the beginning of the Season of Lent. It makes me realized that there are practicing Catholics who are actually around, which is something that I don’t seem to realize everyday.

Whenever I see people wearing the ash mark, I feel guilty. Then I would ask myself, “Should I stop by a church and get some too?” I then feel extremely unfortable. Apart from my issues regarding faiths and beliefs vs. guilt and rituals, today I realized why I might have felt uncomfortable.

In HK, where I grew up as a Catholic, the way to receive ashes is different: priests drop a pinch of ash onto your forehead; it stays on top of the forehead. Never had I seen that they draw a cross with the ashes on you. Now even though it’s the same religion, I feel like it’s a different Catholicism is, here in this country. Differences in languages and practices do make me feel like they are different religions. Now this reinforces my thinking on faiths and beliefs vs. rituals.

PDA Mania

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Well today, I got my 5th PDA. Let’s look back and see what I have owned during all these years. When I was in high school I had a CASIO icon data bank. I could assemble preset facial features to create faces for the address book entries. I believed the model was SF-A10, see the picture on the right. Then in college I got a Palm III, sold it to O. a few years later in NY for 20 bucks. What a deal for him. Then I got a Sony Clie T415 (high resolution black and white). A few months ago I got a Clie SJ22, my first color PDA ever. Then today, I surrendered to my shopping lust and got the ultimate Clie UX50. And let me tell you something, it rocks. Oh how guilty I am feeling right now.

Sucker for Toys

Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

I am such a sucker for Toys. I just came back from Kidding Around, a toy store that I really like here in the city. I bought toys for D., V., and baby A. I love toys, and for worse, I love buying toys and giving them away. What would it be like if I have my own kids?

Kids should have lots and lots of toys (especially LEGO, every kid should play with LEGO). Sometimes I feel like maybe I was deprived of toys when I was a kid? Not really. I have always have tons of toys. My father always bought me exotic new toys from around the world, on every trip he took. So how could I be deprived of them?

Future Fantasy

Monday, February 23rd, 2004

While I was dreaming last night, I had the urge to blog my dreams again. At an instance, I was almost compelled to compose my dreams so that I can blog some interesting episodes. This morning I realized perhaps I have exercised my brain so that I can not only remember my dreams but also stay conscious during dreaming. So here it goes.

I was in the future, with a couple of friends. I was shocked when I arrived, as the whole city (possibly somewhere called Hong Kong) was deserted. It was full of withered plantations, wet and humid. We saw old, empty and abandoned buildings everywhere. As we continued to explore, we found an elevator to go to the adjacent world, which was in the same situation but had some inhabitants in it. People told us that we had to go to the upper world to find something (or someone) if we want to help (to fix the ruined world).

We went back to the first world, and I discovered that I have a special vessel to use — a big life-saver like those you find in a water park. I flipped it up vertically, sat inside the hole and rode it like a monocycle, except in air.

We went up to the second world via the old elevator and, finally, there were people everywhere, as well as chains. I went into the Taco Bell and saw people wearing strange clothes, and they looked pretty grungy. A man followed me leaving the store and I had to escape with my flying vessel. Then I was flying all over the city, up and down, in the rest of the dream. I flew over buildings, trains and train tracks, oceans and cityscapes. The next thing I knew, I was moving building to building, and floor to floor, to clean up the coffins — remains have fallen out from their coffins and I had to put them back inside. On the top floor of one building, we heard little ghosts, we were afraid but we knew what we had to do — we had to lead them back to their parents’ coffins on the other floor. Before they reached the coffins, these little ghosts attacked us…

On the next episode, I had so much anger and I felt sick. I was in somewhere with a few friends from elementary school, and a teacher, J.L., from high school. I yelled at W.W. and slapped her in the face because they kept teasing me, and people were stunned. I ran away to leave them and then I bought Sandy Lam’s new album before I got onto the subway. Suddenly W.W. spoke to me, we were coincidentally on the same train. I felt strange. We apologized to each other and rode along, got out of the train, walked out to the station together…

I have nothing to blog but dreams. Perhaps this blog should be made as a dream blog.

Dream Recalled

Saturday, February 21st, 2004

I was at a train station in HK, waiting for the train to take me back to the city. My father was there too, he was all dressed up, but we didn’t seem to know each other. He appeared to be an agent or a con man. Then I saw a man and a woman selling rice crepes (“cheong-fun”), which is one of my favorite comfort foods of all times. I approached them and got an order. They chopped five pieces up, put them on a piece of parchement paper and bagged them in a small white plastic bag — the way I have always had it. It was loaded with soy sauce, sesame sauce and sesame seeds. I asked for hoisin sauce and hot sauce and pour them all over it. It looked delicious. Using bamboo sticks, I started gorging myself when the train arrived…

I cared less about the train, but my dad was chasing the train, screaming… all of a sudden I was eating the rice crepes from a plastic plate. (Wait, where was the bag of rice crepes?) Then I sort of woke up and told myself that I was going to blog this episode of dream.

In another episode, I was in a vacation house with my mother and my aunts. It was in the morning, we just got up and we were having bagel and lox. I went outside, it was muggy, rainy and very depressing. I went back to the house, took a piece of the lox my mother was having and gave it to the black cat. He munched on it delightfully.

In the last episode, M. and I were having a party in an old house, there were a lot of people. I was doing book-signing. It was very hot in the house, and I was sweating senselessly. I was chatting with my guests… when everybody left, M. and I had to clean up the place. The carpets were so filthy. I vacuumed. Then I realized that the nozzle was covered with orange peels, I stuck my fingers inside the nozzle to pull them out…

What are you? Yankee or Dixie?

Friday, February 20th, 2004

E. sent me a fun quiz to see whether one is Yankee or Dixie. Seriously it’s fun (for the duration of the quiz). And in case you’re interested, I’m 45% (Yankee) – barely into the Yankee category.

Read More, Blog More

Friday, February 20th, 2004

M. sent S. to this blog and she has really enjoyed reading it. Apparently she doesn’t want to leave one-liner comments but wants to think about seriously before writing them. Thanks, S! That is so sweet. The more people read the more it will motivate me to blog more.

Current Desktop

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Wallpaper image courtesy of P.B.
Current music playing: Frames’ Breadcrumb Trail just got it from E. Reminds me so much of Slowdive and Mojave 3. I am only on the 2nd track and I’m already loving it!