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I got written up!

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Finally, the latest issue of Theme Magazine arrived. I have been longing to read it because I have been written up in the magazine. To be exact, my books have been written up. Yes, yes, I was extremely happy about it.

Theme is one of my favorite magazines, which makes it even more exciting. It’s a magazine on “contemporary Asian culture,” with high-quality professional design, writings, layout and photography.
Theme Magazine CaiLun coverage

Back to Basics
Cai Lun was a eunuch who lived in first-century China. He invented paper. While Dennis Yuen may not share much with this gelding, he clearly has a love for the medium that Cai Lun invented. Studio Cai Lun creates one-of-a-kind, handmade journals, which take Yuen five hours to make—a labor of love executed in his spare time outside his day job as a successful interactive web wizard. The journals are made from papers of unexpected textures and origins. Yuen’s love for the art of bookmaking has landed his books in the Chelsea Art Museum and has spawned a blog where you can discover more about paper and bookmaking than you ever thought possible. Like about paper made from elephant poop. It’s odorless!! http://www.studiocailun.comMichelle You (Theme Magazine, Issue 10, “Journals”)

Self-promotion again

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Not that it has been updated frequently lately, but I just want to self-promo my bookmaking blog again. Afterall, my true passsion lies there. Go to, which I have a new book just posted. This one is really interesting, I have to say, I have been holding it and flipping it since I made it, until last night, when I finally decided to put it on the shelf.