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I met Sarah Jones!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Sarah JonesLast Friday I got to meet Tony-award winning stage actress Sarah Jones. She gave a special performance at the UN as a call to action to stop violence against children.

Before the performance, I got to see and meet with her at the UNICEF. I spoke with her briefly and of course, I told her I was a big fan of hers. She was just so cool and nice. I was so excited to meet her as I admired her talent and work so much.

I saw her Bridge and Tunnel show before it went to Broadway, she was playing multiple characters in the show, speaking out on different issues.

Photo: Sylvia Plachy

Thousand-hands Guan Yin

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Chinese extravaganza: depiction of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.


Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Photo credit: Stephanie Berger for The New York Times

Nefés at BAM was awesome. This is my fourth Pina Bausch performance, and I think this is probably my favorite of all. The bubbles, the water, the shower, the hair-slapping, and of course, the gorgeous dancers, are all unforgettable (without revealing too much here).

As usual, the piece is full of repetitions. What would be Pina Bausch without repetitions? Elements are repeated not only throughout the piece, but across the pieces as well: the tiny Ruth Amarante is tossed around again; Nazareth Panadero screams and maks people laugh; male dancers fly onto the table, collapse over a chair onto the ground; female dancers play with their long hair…

The best part is when the female dancers are moving back and forth the stage with an overlay of lighted screen, they move ever so gently, they are barely visable as they are hovering around the stage. The finale is memorable and breath-taking. All the dancers line up on the floor and move along… repeating the same movements for which seems like forever.

By the way, it was the Next Wave Gala tonight, people were all dressed up and everything. And I spotted Claire Danes, with her super-skinny bare back and long blond hair, chatting away with everybody…

A few reviews: review on, review on New York Times, Newsday.


Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Pina Bausch - Nefés

From Brooklyn Academy of Music:

Pina Bausch first brought her incomparable brand of dance to BAM in 1984, establishing herself as a master of transformative theater. With the stunning Nefés, Bausch channels impressions of Istanbul—a city where ancient is juxtaposed with modern and West converges with East—into a vibrant, ephemeral whole.

Originally conceived in 2002 as an ode to the city’s historically resonant din and brilliant colors, Nefés (Turkish for “breath”) quickly became a life-affirming response to Istanbul’s bouts with political upheaval. But rather than echoing the violence, Bausch invests her signature humor and emotional pathos with an acute sense of calm. And she does so by focusing on pure movement, on the body itself. The contemplative mood also extends to Bausch’s typically eclectic music and striking staging, featuring massive video screens with which the dancers interact. Istanbul is surrounded by water and that element plays a crucial role in Nefés, culminating in one of Bausch’s most unforgettable stage images—one we wouldn’t dare spoil by revealing here.

Approximate running time: 170min, including 20min intermission.

Set and video design by Peter Pabst
Costume design by Marion Cito
Musical direction by Matthias Burkert and Andreas Eisenschneider

A co-production with the International Istanbul Theatre Festival and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.

Nefés will be playing at BAM from December 8th – 12th at the Howard Gilman Opera House.

Photo: Ursula Kauffman